Totoro Key Cozy

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Totoro Key Cozy

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Totoro is one of my favourite Japanese cartoons, what a cutie! He might not be very popular yet, but believe me, he will be! I always thought he was a squirrel, but apparently he’s a raccoon-cat-owl! And he’s older than I am, he appeared in a Japanese movie in 1988: ‘My Neighbor Totoro’. Totoro merchandise can still be found all over Asia. The idea for a Totoro Key Cozy kind of came out of nowhere. I looked at a key cozy I got from a friend, thought “I could make this myself..”. Then I remembered I’d always wanted to crochet something Totoro-themed, and *poof*! Or * light bulb!*, rather. I just started crocheting and I finished the key cozy yesterday. The great thing about this pattern is, that you can make endless variations! How about a monkey? Just crochet some round ears instead of the pointy ones. Or maybe a cat, bear, mouse, or your favourite Pokemon! I’ll be showing you some of my own variations in the next few weeks 😉 I hope you’ll enjoy this pattern as much as I do.


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