Sock Monkey Preemie Hat

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Sock Monkey Preemie Hat

Full Description

Crocheting for charity is really important to me, so I created this pattern for Rosie’s Cozies, a project created to honor families of those fighting for the lives of their children in NICU.

I wanted the hat to be simple and require very little sewing (attaching pieces is for the birds…lol).

This Sock Monkey hat is a simple take on the traditional sock monkey. It is made in one piece from top-to-bottom.  The ears are crocheted as individual pieces, then attached.

I was concerned with the hat being small and having many ends to weave in, so it was created with simple color changes where you can crochet over the tails and have only the final tail to weave in (plus the tails from attaching the ears).

Please enjoy this pattern. You are free to sell items made from this, but be sure to reference that the pattern was created by Niccupp Crochet. I would love if you would consider donating a hat or two to Rosie’s Cozies or a local hospital.


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