Prayer Shawl

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Prayer Shawl

Full Description

We all have friends in need.

Sometimes the friend just needs a hug or an encouraging chat over a cup of coffee. Most of us benefit from a reprieve from the daily grind, and having a friend to laugh with can go a long way.

But sometimes a friend needs more – when that friend is walking through a dark, sad, or scary time; what many of us call “the valley.”

Obviously, the person experiencing a trial is the one with the difficulty – but sometimes knowing how to be a good friend can be hard too. We don’t always know what to say. We don’t want to be trite, or too serious. We want to be there, but not over-bearing. Some of us also have a tendency to shirk away from very emotional situations.

A tangible gift has a powerful impact and offering something personal can help with healing.

I love giving a prayer shawl that represents everything I wish, hope, and pray for that individual in the midst of trouble.

And not merely a shawl you would find in a store or in a pattern book, but a personalized crocheted fabric that wraps a friend in symbolism.

The symbols you choose will depend on your beliefs and the beliefs of the person receiving the shawl. The purpose isn’t religious proselytizing, it’s blessing someone going through a hard time.

For this specific prayer shawl I will share with you the symbols used and their significance. You can use this exact pattern or use it as an idea to start your own to bless someone in your life. Just like our Chemo Cap free pattern, please only use this pattern to bless someone else and not for personal gain.


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