Piggy Tail Children’s Chemo Hat

Design by Posh Pooch Designs

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Piggy Tail Children's Chemo Hat

Full Description

I will begin this post with a true story.

A Few years ago, a sweet little friend of mine, we will call her “Betsy”,
was diagnosed with Cancer at the young age of 3.
Her family attended the same church as we did and are our dear friends.
She spent most of her young life at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, but was able to
come home one weekend.
That evening after church, She was sitting on my lap. And she was chatting,
as she always did. One of her little friends came walking up.Very excited to see
each other, they hugged each other tightly. Giggling and laughing.
Betsy’s Friend had adorable piggy tails. I watched as Betsy looked at her piggy tails,
and rubbed her bald head.
I remember her thick dark curly hair, and wanted to burst
into tears. She looked at me and smiled, while still rubbing her head, and said,
“I don’t have any piggy tails”. It was not stated sadly, but rather, matter of fact.
I again wanted to cry, but just hugged her and said “You will”.
She smiled her beautiful smile at me, then ran off with her friend to play,
and I sat there and cried.

The pattern has picture Tutorial on how to attach the Piggy Tails.


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