Mirage’s Easy Triangle Dishcloth

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Mirage's Easy Triangle Dishcloth

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Why triangle, you may wonder? I made one on a whim once to use up a leftover ounce of cotton yarn from some other project, and discovered that a triangle dishcloth fits the shape of my hand perfectly and as such is AMAZING for wiping things down, such as the kitchen table! You know how usually you wind up kind of wrapping the dishcloth around the ends of your fingers and pinching to hold onto it? Well no more hanging onto your cloth with these triangles. As I said they just fit the shape of your hand and make a bowl of cherries out of scrubbing the kids’ fingerprinty mashed potato or spaghetti sauce smears off the dining table, even after they’ve dried on. 🙂

This pattern takes approximately 1-oz of worsted weight cotton yarn per dishcloth, is crochet in continuous round in single crochet, and works best if you have 2 subsequent sizes of hook like E & F or F & G or G & H. I think an F & G work best if your guage and tension are usually spot-on.

If you are using a 2-oz ball of yarn such as Peaches & Creme or Creme de la Creme then you should be able to get 2 dishcloths out of it. I find that the Peaches & Creme is a thicker yarn than the Creme de la Creme and I wind up only doing 15 or 16 rounds in the Peaches & Creme vs. about 17 rounds in the Creme de la Creme.

Whip out a pair of these for a great last minute gift, or make up one or a dozen for your own kitchen. With the variety of colors available in cotton yarns these days you should be able to make one to suit anyone’s favorite hues.


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