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IloMilo Pocket Pals

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These adorable thumb creatures are named Ilo and Milo, they are very pleased to meet you. They are from an amazing puzzle game that I played last year on Xbox 360. Ilo and Milo are best friends who meet up in the park every day. However, each day the park gets harder to navigate. Maybe it rearranges itself each night or maybe their memory is just not that good. The point of the game is to help them find each other each day so they can be together and drink apple tea.

Last year I went on a trip to Seattle. It was also the first time my husband and I were separated since becoming man and wife so I made pocket sized IloMilo’s for us. I took Ilo to Seattle and left Milo with him. We kept them on us until we were back together and could “reunite” them. Totally sappy but it helped us feel connected while we were apart 🙂


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