Broomstick Lace Headband

Design by Kit's Crafts

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Broomstick Lace Headband

Full Description

I love the #broomsticklace stitch. It is so easy and quick to do, furthermore, with this pattern, it couldn’t be simpler. Basically, this headband just stacks the stitches, so you can make it whatever length you like. There isn’t a gauge so you can use whatever size hook you want and whatever size stick to create the stitch.

The name of the broomstick lace stitch comes from the fact that originally it was created using a broomstick. Basically all you need to create this stitch is a stick of some sort, however, most often, people employ a large knitting needle. When I have used a smaller crochet hook for the single crochets, I have used the end of a large crochet hook. Anything around the house will do (a tutorial on Repinyuses a Popsicle stick), just try out one stitch and see how you feel about the proportions. If you would like a video for this stitch, there is a great one by Sandra Roarty.


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