How to Choose Coordinating Yarn Colors

Choosing the Right Yarn Colors

Have you ever struggled to choose the colors for your next crochet project? I have and it seems like some designers or crochet hobbyists always get it right… What are their secrets and how can we get our projects to hit the mark? Recently I have been closely watching how the color combinations work and which projects catch my eye. I have been trying to come up with some ideas to make the color choosing process easier when I want to make a project. Here are a few ideas I have come up with…

Yarn Giveaway

Red Heart Yarn Giveaway!!

Red Heart Yarns is ready to give away $125 worth of yarn and crochet supplies to one of readers!

Six Free Christmas Ornament Crochet Patterns

Six Free Christmas Ornament Crochet Patterns

Decorating the Christmas tree means a little more to a crocheter. We of course, need to have our touch of yarn art to make decorating complete! Check out these six free patterns for crochet Christmas Ornaments.

what to do when you run into knots in your yarn

Knot In My Yarn!!

If you have ever been in the middle of a row and ran into a knot in your yarn – I am sure you have felt the same sinking feeling that I have! How will you work the knot in so it doesn’t show in your project?? I have tried several methods over the years and would love to share some of my ideas with you!!

How to Get Smells Out of Yarn

How to Remove Smells from Yarn

Recently I had a conversation with some “Crochet” friends on the subject of yarn that has odors…. We all had different issues from time to time finding yarn in our stash with an unpleasant odor. One friend had an issue with a lovely hand crocheted item she received that smelled like cigarette smoke. Another had purchased some yarn at a thrift store that smelled musty. Other friends had dealt with pet smells. We chatted for a while about the different problem odors and how we removed the smell without ruining our yarn or hand-made items….. Here is what we came up with!

Puff Stitch Fingerless Gloves

8 Wrist Warming Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are ideal for those relaxing cold mornings and also great for chilly libraries, schools, and offices. They help in the winter months when your steering wheel is ice cold but you still need access to your fingers for grip. The greatest things about crocheting these fingerless gloves is that they work up quickly, are useful, and will be loved by anyone who gets to wear them!