Win a Yarn Bin for extra storage and on-the-go yarn crafting.

Featuring: ArtBin Yarn Drum Tote

The ArtBin Yarn Drum™ is perfect for take-along crochet!! It holds up to 8 standard size skeins, has two openings it the top for your yarn to be drawn through. There is a detachable pouch that is just the right size for hooks, scissors and your smaller crochet accessories!

TheYarnBox is giving away yarn, a travel tote, bamboo hooks and a faux leather case!!

The Crochet Lover Giveaway

Here’s your chance to win a collection of must-haves for Crochet and Yarn Addicts! Yarn, Hooks, Bin and a Case!

Unusual Fibers used on Crochet

Yarn ~ The Crazy, Strange World of Crocheting with Unusual Fiber!

Unusual fibers used in crochet.

Free Crochet Patterns for Barbie Dolls

11 Crochet Patterns for Barbie and Ken

There comes a time in life when we all out grow our Barbies… who am I kidding? I love Barbie! Crochet is my excuse to dig the Barbies out of the toy chest, dress them up, and start my own “Next Top Model” series. While sitting in the window doing the photo shoot.. the kids are always anxious to join in. Let them pick out their favorite patterns and yarn colors. Your Barbies will be throwing events and parties in no time!

Free Crochet Patterns - Simple and Quick Bunnies!

9 Simple and Quick Bunny Crochet Patterns

Easter will be arriving soon! Many of us are not ready to scramble through the stores looking for the overload of candy and prizes. Filling up baskets for all the children in you’re family or church can be very stressful and expensive…

Tension in Crochet

You Gotta Know Your Tension

When you are working on a crochet project and you can’t quite get the gauge to match what the pattern is suggesting- It can be so frustrating!!