13 Free Monster Crochet Patterns

  • Corina
  • September 22, 2014 7:19 pm

13 Freakishly Free Monster Patterns for Halloween.

13 Free Monster Crochet Patterns

Yarny MonstersLet’s start off with these adorable little Yarny Monsters by Amigurumi To Go.  This free crochet pattern is perfect for creative minds to run with. Like most amigurumi, it consists of mostly single crochet and single crochet decreases. If you have never made amigurumi, this is the perfect project to leap out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised at how much easier it is than it looks. Have fun creating your own little monsters!

Free Halloween Bag Crochet Patterns

Are you crocheting trick or treat bags? Check out these  7 free trick or treat bag crochet patterns and decorate them with fun monster appliques! We have the One Eyed Monster Applique by Knot Your Nana’s Crochet and also these cute Monster Friends by Crochetier!

one-eyed                               14619-11163-2014-04-28722674

Some children are scared of monsters.. while others find comfort in them with this oh-so-cute Monster Lovey Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me.  The monsters can even protect your babies clothing with this free Monster Bibs pattern also designed by Repeat Crafter Me. And let’s not leave out the monster who protects the Apples! The Monster Apple Cozy is designed by Petals to Picots.

Monster Lovey                 Monster Bibs                 Monster Apple Cozy

Do you know any Monster’s Inc fans? Hopeful Honey designed baby hats for the monster Mike Wazowski   and also the monster Sulley. No need for baby hats but still love Monsters Inc? Make these precious Mike and Sulley Amigurumi designed by Josephine Wu!

Mike from Monsters Inc Baby Hat                 Sulley Baby Hat                   Baby Mike and Sulley Amigurumi

We have more hats! The Newborn  Snaggletooth Cyclops by Stitch11  will be great for the newborn Halloween photo’s. We also have the Silly Monster Hats for 0-3 month babies by The Creative Mom.  Children can creep everyone out like their favorite zombie game with the Plants vs Zombies  hat designed by Crafter Chick. Adults can hat fun with the Vampire Smiley Face Hat also designed by The Crafter Chic.

Newborn Cyclops Hat Crochet Pattern   Free Crochet monster hat pattern   Plants vs Zombies Crochet Hat   Happy Vampire Crochet Hat

If you love these monster crochet patterns, you might also like all the free Halloween Mask crochet patterns!

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