80’s child – Easy, Fast and Gorgeous Baby Legwarmers

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80's child - Easy, Fast and Gorgeous Baby Legwarmers

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Most baby legwarmers are awesome and stupid, all at the same time. Awesome, because they look cute and fluffy and… did I say CUTE already? But they are also stupid. Little legs are, as a rule of thumb, restless little legs, always-kicking little legs, won’t-stop-until-I’ll-get-rid-of-the-legwarmers little legs. But, for every problem, there’s always a solution. I remembered those dreadful stirrup pants people insist on using still today and although the notion of having a strap under the foot to hold the pant legs in place seems utterly nonsensical in adults, it makes perfect sense for babies. So, here is my Free Crochet Pattern for a pair of Easy, Fast and Gorgeous Baby Legwarmers:


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