Fishbowl Hat

Design by Daisy Cottage Designs

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Fishbowl Hat

Full Description

When my husband and I first got married, I got the “dog itch” pretty quickly. Just as fast, we realized that it definitely wasn’t the ideal time for us to get a dog. Not able to get rid of the urge to get a pet, David and I bought a goldfish, some pretty stones, and a plant – his bowl was beautiful and we named our newest family member Elliot. I enjoyed watching him on the counter between the kitchen and the dining room. Several Elliots later, we decided to take a break from pets (after doing some reading, we realized that fishbowls weren’t a good environment for goldfish).
While getting ready for a garage sale, we found Elliot’s bowl and rocks. It reminded me of how beautiful it always looked, and I thought it would be super cute to make a hat modeled after that bowl. Of course, I’ve got to share the adorable pattern with you, just in case someone wants to whip one up.



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