Top Crochet Designers of 2013

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Top Crochet Designers of 2013

Top 5 Crochet Designers of has been active since December of 2012. In the last ten months we have collected over 1900 free crochet patterns. We have also had the opportunity to virtually meet hundreds of crochet designers who work very hard to bring their personal audience free patterns to enjoy. Many people are not aware of the work that goes into preparing a crochet pattern. It is amazing they are able to offer their service at no cost to the crocheters.

When my sister, Corina Gray, and I decided to create pattern directory we had two goals in mind: build an easy to browse free directory of patterns for crocheters while also giving crochet bloggers another resource to help them reach an even bigger audience.  It is thanks to the participation and excitement of our crochet friends this directory has  been successful.

We have taken a look at the statistics of the site over the last 9 months to create our own algorithm of the top crochet designers who add patterns to TheYarnBox. Now let me introduce you:

1. Moogly

Top Crochet Designer, Tamara Kelly of MooglyTamara Kelly of Moogly has risen to the top of the crochet design and blogging world at an amazing speed. It’s really no wonder when you follower her blog. Her pattern designs are always useful, practical and stunningly beautiful. She creates top quality videos to help crocheters learn new stitches and techniques. Tamara seems to always be a few steps ahead of the crochet world while remaining very humble and personal with her audience.

Many of us admire Tamara not just for her design and crochet expertise but also for her professional and positive way of thinking.

There are currently over 100 Moogly patterns listed at TheYarnBox. Her highest performing pattern is the Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket. Thank you Moogly for always providing us with top quality free crochet patterns! We appreciate your hard work.

View Moogly’s Patterns

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2. Stitch11

Top Crochet Designer Corina Gray of Stitch11Corina Gray created Stitch11 shortly after learning to crochet. She began writing patterns very early in her experience as a crochet artist. Many people have been amazed by how quickly she has taken to this passion. Corina is also part owner of TheYarnBox. After her success on Stitch11 grew, she wanted to provide more to the crochet world.

Corina has impressed us with her creative ideas like the Ninja Mask she recently shared as well as almost 100 other patterns that include a toddler dress she made for her daughter, Ella. Followers of Stitch11 see a wide variety of patterns as it seems Corina can crochet nearly anything!

View Stitch11’s Patterns

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3. Amray767

Amy of Crochet Jewel- Top Crochet Designer of 2013Amy shares her crochet patterns through her blog at Crochet Jewel. She was one of the first designers to begin adding their patterns to the directory and has been faithfully submitting as she creates new designs. Amy has a variety of free patterns but it seems she has a special love for hats. There are many animal hats, like her Puppy Dog Hat that has been highly popular through Facebook and Pinterest.

We love how Amy provides tutorial videos in a lot of her patterns. She really takes the effort to go the extra step to help her audience. She even has an online forum for crocheters worth checking out.

View Amray767’s Patterns

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4. Petals to Picots

Top Crochet Designer Kara of Petals to PicotsKara of Petals to Picots has such an amazing style. Her patterns are always featured with beautiful images that look as though they were perfectly staged for a professional photo shoot. Kara provides free crochet patterns to her blog readers at Petals to Picots. She is always current with latest trends and seasons. However, it is clear that Kara enjoys making crochet jewelry. Many of her best performing patterns are jewelry patterns, such as this crochet flower bracelet. She often uses metal wire in her crochet jewelry that truly shows us how creative she is.

Petals to Picots has a large social media and it is worth following through sites like Facebook. She stays active with her audience, engaging and communicating while sharing the love of crochet from other crochet artists as well.

View Petals to Picot’s Patterns

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5. Little Things Blogged

Top Crochet Designers of 2013 Tanya of Little Things Blogged

Tanya is the blog owner and crochet designer of Little Things Blogged. If you are ever in need of some inspiration her blog is gonna give it to you! In fact, its hard to visit her blog without wanting to go dig through your stash for the perfect color combinations.

Little Things Blogged provides her free crochet patterns with high quality photos- which clearly grabs attention and gets spread around through Facebook. She has some of the most favorited patterns by users of TheYarnBox. In fact, her Kawaii Bear Phone Cosy has been marked as a favorite by over 1200 members.

Tanya’s patterns are easy to follow because she offers a lot of images along the way.  Her designs are colorful, fun and often adorable too!

View Little Things Blogged’s Patterns

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Honorable Mentions

The following crochet designers have all been actively adding patterns that people are loving! Many of these artists have patterns that have nearly gone viral on sites like Pinterest and Facebook.  Their scores fell just below the top 5 but we felt their hard work deserved some recognition as well. Here are ten more crochet designers from

How The Tops Designers Were Chosen…

Choosing the top designers was a lot of work but the process was also very simple.  We looked at the performance of the crochet patterns to determine which designers were at the top. First we wanted to only include member submitted patterns of TheYarnBox. The administrators of the site add patterns they find around the web on a pretty regular basis. But since this is about Yarn Box Designers- we wanted to recognize them.

Using statistics from 01/01/13 to as recent as 09/30/13 we found the top 10 performers in the following subjects:

  • Most visited patterns
  • Most added patterns
  • Most favorited patterns (by TYB  users)
  • Highest performing through Facebook
  • Highest performing through Pinterest

The top 10 designers of each subject were assigned points- number one received 10 points- following numberically to the last in line- who received 1 point. Then we added the points up across all the subjects for all the designers.

While we know there are many ways we could have calculated the top performing designers- this was the most practical way for us given the resources we had. We wish we could just list all the designers and give them all a big shout out as they are all very amazing and we thank them for all they do!



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