Top 10 Crochet Designers from 2012



Top Crochet Designers from The Yarn Box




The Top 10 Designers from The Yarn Box


1. Moogly

“Hi! I’m the designer, writer, crocheter, knitter, and all around yarn lover at On my blog I showcase free patterns by others, share crochet video tutorials that I’ve made, offer free patterns I wrote myself, and lots of other fun stuff! When I’m not on the computer or playing with yarn I’m taking care of 3 kids and plotting world domination.”

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2. Stitch 11

“My name is Corina Gray. I picked up a crochet hook Jan of 2012 and haven’t stopped hooking since.
My daughter, Ella, is my inspiration. Christmas of 2011 I was searching for mittens that would actually stay on her tiny hands. With no luck, I asked my husband, Chad, to make sure Santa brought me a crochet hook and some cheap yarn. He laughed as if I would never figure it out. Bahahah! Crochet is only as difficult as you make it. I am so excited to see what my crochet future will bring.”

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3. Cre8tion Crochet

“I’m a avid crocheter and crafter, I am an almost “crunchy” momma to two beautiful children. I’m very lucky to have a hubby that supports my crocheting addiction…. most of the time.”

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4. Dearest Debi

“I’m not the one your mother warned you about because your mother could never dream of anything like me. I’m unique just like everyone else.”

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5. KuddlynKute

“I am currently a Stay at Home Mum to 2 little ones. Kagan 2 1/2 and Shavannah 17 months. They are pretty full on. Next year I will be a student at university studying to be a social worker.”

Visit Knot Your Nana’s Crochet  or View Patterns


6. Meladora’s Creation

“I have a youtube channel that I upload crochet tutorials and I also have a website that I post patterns with pictures. This is my first year doing this and I hope to be around for many more.”

Visit Meladora’s Creation  or View Patterns


7. PoshPooch

“I am adicted to crochet and yarn!!! I Love To design Crochet patterns for Small Dogs.. My crochet patterns are not the “Standard crochet patterns” nor do I want them to be. I think that other pattern writters write too complicated–I want my patterns easy! All Dogs are shaped different so it is useless to even set a gauge. Most of my patterns are written for small dogs 2-20 lbs— but they are easy enough, that if you are even a little bit of a experienced “hooker’ you can adjust them to fit your dog. AND Sock Monkeys Make me giggle! If you ever have a Question about any of my patterns– please feel free to ask. I will be happy to help you. All my patterns are written by humans, tested by humans and edited by human…. having said that….because of the human element may contain errors.s Please, please, please contact me with any questions, comments or errors. I will be so happy to help..and even retest a pattern if needed.”

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8. Repeat Crafter Me

“Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m a stay-at-home mom to my two little boys and wife to my wonderful, hard working husband. I have always loved art, crafts and creating and find myself coming up with new projects every day. I taught myself how to crochet during the boys nap times and really fell in love with this hobby. I am now creating my own patterns that I am happy to share with you. I also blog about the kids crafts I do with my two sons, DIY projects, and my attempts at cooking with the help of my Crock Pot at”

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9. Jessie at Home

“Once upon a time I was a professional costume designer/builder. Then I met a boy. You know how that goes. Now I am a Stay At Home Mom in NJ. We have twin girls who were born in July ‘07. The artist in me can not stay still, and we could use more income, so here I am! I love creating knit and crochet patterns, sewing (obviously!), book making, well…creating just about anything. We also have a creative hobby. In some of our free time we are Medieval Re-creationists.”

Visit Jessie at Home  or View Patterns

10. The Hippy Hooker

“I’m a crocheting, blogging, sahm who loves to create!”

The Hippy Hooker  or View Patterns


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